The Kunstakademie Karlsruhe sees itself as a classical art academy, which offers two specializations in its courses of study: Painting/Graphics and Sculpture. The focus on the two disciplines is due to the more than 170-year tradition. However, everyday study is determined by a contemporary, open concept of art. The boundaries between the genres become blurred and are supplemented by contemporary forms of artistic expression from the media fields, such as film, photography, digital art, but also by extensions in space through object art or performance art.

The study of art is divided into two broad areas of study: Fine Arts and Educator of Fine Arts at Secondary Level (Gymnasium Level). In addition, there are continuing education courses. Artistic practice in the classroom is given top priority at the Kunstakademie Karlsruhe in order to promote a deeper development of a personal visual language. This is accompanied by the respective professors in the form of regular class and individual discussions. In addition, students engage in theoretical discussions on fundamental questions of artistic practice by participating in courses in Art History, Art Philosophy and - in the teacher training programs - in Educational Science and Subject Didactics. Furthermore, students acquire technical art skills as well as manual skills in the artistic workshops of the academy.

A special feature of the art program at the Karlsruhe Academy is the fact that students from all programs of study attend classes together. Prospective teachers are equally trained as artists. Each student has his or her own workspace in the respective studio of the class. The exchange with fellow students within and outside the studio community supports the students in finding their personal artistic path.

Students can only begin their studies in the undergraduate programs in the winter semester. In the master's degree programme and in the continuing education programmes, application is also possible for the summer semester.