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Ellef Prestsæter, Oslo:Giving the Finger Back to the Digital; or, What is Computational Vandalism?

Kuratorenvortrag zur Sommerausstellung

Archives were traditionally seen as instruments to freeze time and store past moments for future use. Today they are increasingly seen as dynamic and temporalizing forms. This talk looks into the remarkable analogue archival practices of the artists Asger Jorn and Guttorm Guttormsgaard through the lens of the experimental research group Scandinavian Institute for Computational Vandalism (of which the speaker is a founding member). Whereas Jorn set out in the 1960s to document 10,000 years of Nordic folk art by photographic means, Guttormsgaard is still busy collecting “impulses to keep one’s spirit up”, “art of known and unknown origins”. Prestsæter will explain why – in the era of computer vision and the enduring ephemeral (Wendy Chun) – digitization of archives ultimately calls for their vandalization. What does it mean to give the finger back to the digital?